The Synphora solution

Synphora has investigated if one of the world leading treatments against glaucoma in the eye could be applied in Menière’s disease. The therapeutic rationale, the evacuation of fluid, would be the same.

It has been noticed that FP prostanoid receptor agonists appear to modify the tissue around the endolymphatic duct, i.e. the structure from which the endolymph is resorbed from the inner ear. In fact, the relevant tissue appears less dense after treatment with a prostaglandin FP receptor agonist suggesting that it may lower the resistance and therefore facilitate the diffusion of endolymph into the adjacent veins.

FP prostanoid receptor agonists may therefore have a beneficial effect on the pressure in the inner ear and as a consequence elicit an improvement in the three cardinal symptoms of Menière’s disease. It is noteworthy that Menière’s disease has also been called “glaucoma of the ear”.

Synphora has to date conducted two double-blind, randomized, cross-over, placebo controlled clinical trials using an FP prostanoid receptor agonist, comprising altogether 51 patients.

The promising results indicate that Synphora’s lead compound may be effective in alleviating all symptoms of Menière’s disease.